30 Jan 2010

Sample opening page...

of the short story I'm working on... enjoy

Sgt. Rickshoe

"I always knew it would come to this." crooned Sgt Rickshoe chewing on the end of his last Cuban cigar, the bitter scent fermenting in the cruel summer heat. With his other hand he swept the right side of his heavy mac behind his hip, so he had easy access to the custom Vulcan .73 caliber pistol on his hip, If it hit it could kill most whales. He felt a small bead of sweat work its way down from his pompadour hair-do, behind his aviator shades and stopped short of his lips by his handlebar mustache. He'd killed a few people that day and another one wouldn't make a dent in his mood.

"This ends here and now!" barked Mr. 8 commander of the 8-ball kill crew. He stood 20 feet across the abandoned parking lot. His genetically engineered Tyrannosaurus mount stood a few feet behind him eying the traffic that was moving on the nearby overpass. He hovered his right hand over his six shooter. His six six shooter being a literal term, as it fires all 6 rounds with one pull of the trigger. He was 6ft 6 inches tall and almost as wide. Decked out in his favorite Wednesday suit he resembled a small giant. The sun gleamed of his shaved bald head and flashed cross Rickshoes face.

Both men drew there guns with a sharp snap.


12 hours earlier...

The 1971 neon pink Cadillac beast careered over the hill in the centre of San Dimas at a blistering speed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh" said the man handcuffed to handle. On the outside of the car.

27 Jan 2010

Recent Animation Work

My recent animation work working with Eek FIlms Liverpool, both jobs involved working with youth clubs and animating in flash and stop motion.

Stinky - A funny Film About A Smelly Problem! Much of the Second half was my animation. As well as some editing and framing. from Tony Ealey on Vimeo.

The Alt Valley Voles animated all of this in flash over the 2009 holiday period. from Tony Ealey on Vimeo.

And for previous work "Trapped!" for the BBC check this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/liverpool08/video/09/trapped1.shtml episodes 1-5 hosted on the liverpool biennial website.

Todays Doodles and Sketches

4 Jan 2010

Just a little update to anyone who vistis.

Just to keep everyone informed I've been fairly busy with a mixture of family stuff and animation work over the past few weeks. Doing drawings for money! Which has been a nice change. So keep an eye out, as I will posting some new stuff up soon!