31 Jul 2009

Demo reel and stuff

Here is a demo reel/sketch show, containing fun bits and pieces of animation, puppetry, speedpaints and other such stuff.


28 Jul 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman tattoo designs

These are some designs based on the movies logo, I wanted to break it up a bit, so it wasn't quite so flat. Have a browse round theres more tattoos dotted about, or send me an email.

24 Jul 2009

19 Jul 2009

Spider man cover style image

Another image that popped into my head just before i went to sleep, glad I remembered it.

Dream stories

Dreampt about this odd manga story, had to draw it up today, because i thought it was pretty damn interesting.

11 Jul 2009

Bunny Armour

spent much of today working on this, going to clean it up and finish it tomorrow

2 Jul 2009

Sick Circus Single Cover

The hallows, photoshop, about 3 and abit hours

1 Jul 2009

scifi page

Random sci-fi page, Thinking of doing a story about a space scavenger who visits destroyed colonies and planets for scrap.