13 Mar 2009

Speed Paints and Crap

Looking to do more speed paints, because i think they are quite fun to watch so check out my youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/mike1618 too see em, and some other stuff.

6 Mar 2009

Late Cowgirl sketch

Improvement for Street Fighter IV (4) not a review.

First of all im going to say, along with a lot of other people, that yes this is a fun game, oddly addictive and allowed me to relive a fond memory from my youth. I think anyone who has any interest in this game is fully aware of all the positive aspects of this game and i'm not going to go into them here, go to any game review site to see them. I'm simply pointing out what i feel really should have been improved before the games release, or the little things that i feel they missed.

Bonus rounds

There was nothing more fun then firing a Hadoken at a car and watching with glee as the windscreen smashed. This could have easily replaced one of the more dull and dirivitive challenge modes and added abit of spice to the otherwise repetetive arcade mode.

Colour Changing Avatars

Selecting your character on the snes with a different button, changed the appearance of the avatar to one with the new colours you were going to see in game, this was a fun and exciting preview to what you were going to be seeing ingame, and really this shouldnt be that difficult to do?

Lack lustre Backgrounds

The backgrounds are great and filled with interesting characters, but are they really there? When we were playing on this generation i dont think its too much to ask to have the cheering crowd, actually follow the fight with there eyes, faces and body language, rather than randomly cheering to the space thats infront of them.

Weak anime intro/outros

Why put in weak and disjointed storylines that dont have any relevance to the gameplay itself, the cutscenes when you are 'fighting your rival' are more satisfying than the into/outros, embrace the in game animation youve created and use it to your advantage.

I was going to have a go at the cheapness of Seth, but to be honest whats street fighter without an infuriating boss fight? Again, This is not a complaint about the gameplay itself, but i do feel that these little details are the things that make a game go from Great to Awesome. just that little added value.


1 Mar 2009

all done using the funky http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/